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(8/14) Chaos Sealed 2PM - 7th Anniversary Edition -

(8/14) Chaos Sealed 2PM - 7th Anniversary Edition -

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    This Sunday we will be having a sealed tournament to remember!

    $45 entry


    Capped at 18


    Each player will reach into 3 chaos booster bags! They will choose 1 collector booster pack, 5 draft packs, and 1 promo pack!  *all packs will be standard legal packs

    All cards from these packs will be used to build a sealed deck!

    We will play a normal 3 round swiss tournament.

    Players will be awarded in store credit:

    3-0-0: $35

    2-0-1: $27

    2-1-0: $20


    We will also have Red Bull on sale and raffles for Red Bull merch!