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(10/21) X-Wing Store Championship

(10/21) X-Wing Store Championship

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  • Description
    Portland Game Store X-Wing Store Championship
    $20 Entry Fee - 18 seats available
    Doors at 9:30 
    Round 1 at 10am Standard Format 
    18 players Max $20 (*Registration will not be approved until tournament fee has been paid) 
    Four Rounds, Cut to top 4 on day 2 Sunday
    If there are at least 16 players the winner will be granted a 2024 X-Wing Worlds Invite 
    Each round will feature one of the four official scenarios in a random order. 
    Unannounced max round time between 70 and 80 minutes.
    • TO will be Andy Devlin*
    “Please be familiar with the tournament rules and bring all required components (including scenario components if you have them, https://infinitearenas.com/ print outs are OK to use, but bring all cards and have them available for the TO and opponents to view if requested).”
    Current rules and scenario information can be found here: https://www.atomicmassgames.com/xwing-documents
    If you have any questions ahead of time about rule interactions, components, etc., check with the Community and with the TO
    Register on Roll Better here: https://rollbetter.gg/tournaments/864
    Your registration will not be approved until your ticket has been purchased.