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(10/02) cEDH Tournament NINE

(10/02) cEDH Tournament NINE

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  • Description
    Welcome to the ninth cEDH tournament at The Portland Game Store!
    Facebook event page: Here!

    2:00pm Start time
    4x 75 minute rounds of Swiss

    $20 entry fee
    32 player cap
    prize pool in store credit and scaled to participation divided amongst top 4.
    (40% / 30% / 20% / 10%)
    Ones place will be determined by points. Points distributed as follows:
    3 points for a win
    2 points for a bye
    1 point for a draw
    0 points for a loss
    ***in the case of 3 people all getting a bye, you will be given the option to play in a 3 person pod for points. It must be a unanimous decision.
    Unlimited color proxies allowed
    (Proxies must be easily distinguishable from authentic cards while in a sleeve)
    Beginners welcome! Some helpful resources for getting into cEDH:
    Intro to cEDH with Playing with Power
    cEDH deck list database