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Set Family Game

Set Family Game

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  • Description
    Each card contains 1-3 matching objects, in one of three colors, shapes, and shadings. Twelve cards are laid out, and the first person to spot a set of three collects those cards. The cards are replaced from the deck and play continues.A set consists of three cards that are either all alike or all different in each attribute: for instance, if all three cards have the same number of objects, but different shapes, shadings, and colors, then they're a set. If two of the cards have a common attribute that is not shared by the third, they are not a set.1991 Mensa SelectOnline Play http://logical-games.org/ (Flash version with score records) Aso Brain Games (real-time) games.wtanaka.com - Set (real-time or turn-based single or multi-player monthly time trial challenge) http://www.ludagora.net/ (turn-based) Game Pixies (Multiplayer game or daily time trial challenge) http://www.setgame.com/set/puzzle_frame.htm (Daily Puzzle on Set Enterprises Home Page) http://www.highergames.com/ http://people.reed.edu/~mcphailb//applets/set/ SET solver with source code http://setgame.ath.cx (iPhone compatible) Microbadge Buy It - BoardGameGeek
  • Details
    BGID: 1198
    Category: Card Game, Puzzle, Real-time
    Time: 30 minutes
    Designer: Marsha J. Falco
    PrimaryName: Set
    Players: 2 to 8
    Year: 1988
    Product Title: Set
    Ages: 6 and up