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    from a session report:This is a card and word game for 1-8 players. In the non-solitaire versions, the game consists of 8 rounds. In the first, each player is dealt three cards in the second, four and so on with the final round being 10 cards. Each card has one or two letters and a point value. At their turn, players can draw a card from the top of the discard pile or from the deck. They must discard one card. When a player is able to use all the cards in his hand (with one left for discarding) to spell words (which must use a minimum of two cards each), he may go out by placing the words on the table. The other players then get one more draw, and must play as many cards as they can. Scoring is done by adding up the point value of all cards used in words and subtracting any left over in the hand (not counting the discard card). In addition, the player with the most words and the player with the longest word each get 10 bonus points. If two or more players tie for a bonus, that bonus is not given in that round.1999 Mensa Select - BoardGameGeek

  • Details
    BGID: 339
    Category: Card Game, Word
    Time: 30 minutes
    Designer: Marsha Falco
    PrimaryName: Quiddler
    Players: 1 to 8
    Year: 1998
    Product Title: Quiddler
    Family: Rummy Games
    Ages: 8 and up
    Publisher: Set Enterprises, Inc.