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  • Description
    The game consists of 12 different pieces constructed of right angled blocks so each piece is made of 5 'squares'. (Think Tetris pieces, but 5 squares instead of 4.)An old version of the game had only 10 pieces the completely straight 5 square and the 5 square 'plus sign' were not included. Both versions also have a bunch of 'filler' pieces of 1 or 2 squares.The gameboard is constructed with a movable divider so one can take sets of 4 up to the whole set of 12 pieces and form them into a 5 block by X rectangle. (Where X = the number of wood blocks in your set.)The two or three player strategy game is accomplished on a square board divided into 64 smaller squares. Players take turns to place a piece on the gameboard. The first player who cannot place a piece anymore loses. (Similar to Blokus)The two player puzzle game mode is accomplished by dividing the board into two sections, each player chooses five blocks and are also given 4 small 'filler' blocks of 1 and 2 squares. The first one to fit all their blocks perfectly into their half of the rectangle board, wins. - BoardGameGeek
  • Details
    BGID: 6931
    Category: Educational, Puzzle
    Time: 10 minutes
    Designer: DJ Games, Laurent Levi
    PrimaryName: Katamino
    Players: 1 to 2
    Year: 2002
    Product Title: Katamino
    Mechanics: Pattern Building
    Ages: 3 and up
    Publisher: Gigamic, Lautapelit.fi