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Dominion: Prosperity

Dominion: Prosperity

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    Released in late 2010, Prosperity is the 4th addition to the Dominion game family. It adds 25 new Kingdom cards to Dominion, plus 2 new Basic cards that let players keep building up past Gold and Province. The central theme is wealth; there are treasures with abilities, cards that interact with treasures, and powerful expensive cards. (Source: http://www.riograndegames.com/games.html?id=361 )

    From the back of the box: "Ah, money. There's nothing like the sound of coins clinking in your hands. You vastly prefer it to the sound of coins clinking in someone else's hands, or the sound of coins just sitting there in a pile that no-one can quite reach without getting up. Getting up, that's all behind you now. Life has been good to you. Just ten years ago, you were tilling your own fields in a simple straw hat. Today, your kingdom stretches from sea to sea, and your straw hat is the largest the world has ever known. You also have the world's smallest dog, and a life-sized statue of yourself made out of baklava. Sure, money can't buy happiness, but it can buy envy, anger, and also this kind of blank feeling. You still have problems - troublesome neighbours that must be conquered.
    But this time, you'll conquer them in style."

    Part of the Dominion series.


    2010: BoardGameGeek Golden Geek Best Expansion


    mb Dominion - Prosperity fan
    mb Dominion - Prosperity fan
    mb Dominion: Prosperity - Fan
    mb I play Dominion with all the expansions mixed in.

    Components (Rio Grande Games standard edition):

    • 9 Mats:
      • 8 Player mats
      • 1 Trade Route mat
    • 8 Coins
    • 31 Victory Point tokens:
      • 16 One VP tokens
      • 15 Five VP tokens
    • 300 cards:
      • 12 Basic Treasure Cards (Platinum)
      • 12 Basic Victory Cards (Colony)
      • 250 Kingdom cards
        • 10 each of Bank, Bishop, City, Contraband, Counting House, Expand, Forge, Goons, Grand Market, Hoard, King's Court, Loan, Mint, Monument, Mountebank, Peddler, Quarry, Rabble, Royal Seal, Talisman, Trade Route, Vault, Venture, Watchtower, and Worker's Village
      • 25 Place holder cards
      • 1 Blank card
    • Storage Tray
    • Rulebook

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