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Cryptid: Urban Legends

Cryptid: Urban Legends

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    Play as a determined scientist manipulating heat, movement, and sonic sensors to scan the city, identify your quarry’s true location, and capture them. Or take the role of a cryptid, snaking your way through shadows and back alleys of the metropolis that surrounds you, eliminating all evidence of your existence as you go, desperately avoiding capture. Emerging victorious in this high-stakes cat-and-mouse chase, played out across a sprawling urban landscape, will require all your ingenuity and foresight. Cryptid: Urban Legends is a tense, asymmetric game of competitive deductive reasoning for two players from the creators of Cryptid (OSPGAM019). This spiritual successor recaptures the magic of the critically acclaimed deduction game. With a lot of replayability and at an accessible price point, this two-player card game offers a great value proposition for players. It’s a continuation of Osprey’s line of small-box games of titles such as Village Green, Inkling, and High Society.