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Rising Sun

Rising Sun

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    (from MMP website:)

    Rising Sun is Advanced Squad Leader’s long-awaited return to the jungles, islands, and atolls of the southwest Pacific.

    Multi-Man Publishing has combined the original ASL modules Code of Bushido and Gung Ho! into one package. Rising Sun includes the entire Japanese, Chinese, and United States Marine Corps orders of battle; a 2nd edition of Chapter G, which covers the unique rules needed to play ASL in the Pacific Theater of Operations and incorporates all the current errata; and an updated Chapter H for the Japanese and Chinese vehicles and ordnance and for landing craft.

    Also included are 32 updated scenarios, combining the original Code of Bushido and Gung Ho! scenarios with 16 out-of-print PTO scenarios that originally appeared in the pages of the GENERAL, the ASL Annual, and the ASL Journal. From the ASL ‘93b Annual comes the Gavutu-Tanambogo campaign game (Sand and Blood), a new 17˝×22˝ Gavutu-Tanambogo map, and Chapter Z pages. Scenario errata have been incorporated, and new errata has been issued for the older scenarios to reflect the balancing changes made to the updated scenarios.

    The package is rounded out by seven 8˝×22˝ geomorphic mapboards (boards 34-39 and 47) and dozens of overlays, all updated to match the latest style of boards. Both the rules and the counters benefit from a larger, more readable font.

    Rising Sun is not a complete game; ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader game system is required to play the scenarios herein.

    Rising Sun contains:

    - Revised Chapter G; Chapter H for Japanese, Chinese, and Landing Craft; and Chapter Z (Gavutu-Tanambogo Campaign Game)
    - 1,300 ½” counters and 592 5/8” counters (1,892 total) — sample counters!
    - boards 34-39, 47, Gavutu-Tanambogo HASL map
    - overlays 1-6, B1-B5, Be1-7, Ef1-3, G1-5, M1-5, O1-5, OC1-4, P1-5, RP1-5, Wd1-5, X6, X25-X29 — sample overlays!
    - 32 scenarios:

    [from Code of Bushido]
    On The Kokoda Trail
    Shoestring RidgeBungle
    In The Jungle
    The Eastern Gate
    Hazardous Occupation
    Red Star, Red Sun
    The Bushmasters
    [from Gung Ho!]
    Cibik's Ridge
    The Rock
    Today We Attack
    KP 167
    Jungle Citadel
    Sea Of Tranquility
    Hell Or High Water
    Bloody Red Beach
    The Drive For Taierzhuang
    Shanghai In Flames
    A Stiff Fight
    Ramsey's Charge
    Grabbing Gavutu
    Tanambogo Nightmare
    Take Two
    Munda Mash
    Orange At Walawbum
    Smith & Weston
    Broken Bamboo
    OP Hill
    Last Of Their Strength
    White Tigers
    Battlin' Buckeyes
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