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Alien Frontiers: Expansion Pack #4

Alien Frontiers: Expansion Pack #4

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Originally marketed as part of the "Promo Pack" for the 4th Edition's Kickstarter, the Promo Pack was split into 6 "Expansion Packs", which Game Salute has been slowly releasing to retail. Contents 4 Alien Tech Cards (for use with Alien Frontiers) Nano-Recycler Null-Time Vault Probability Focus Resonating Beacon 3 Faction Reference Cards New Gaia Engineers Proxima Centauri Sch. Scavenger Fleet 2 Agenda Cards (for use with Alien Frontiers: Factions) 2 Blank Alien Tech Card 1 Blank Agenda Card

Extra Info

BGID: 161122
Category: Civilization, Dice, Expansion for Base-game, Science Fiction, Territory Building
Time: 90 minutes
PrimaryName: Alien Frontiers: Expansion Pack #4
Players: 2 - 4
Year: 2015
Artist: Mark Maxwell
Product Title: Alien Frontiers: Expansion Pack #4
Family: Kickstarter
Mechanics: Area Control / Area Influence, Dice Rolling, Worker Placement
Ages: 13 and up
Publisher: Clever Mojo Games, Game Salute
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